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Web Photographs by:

Carolyn Phillips

Myette Godwyn

Caroline Lumley

Mike Whalley

And also by the late and much missed: -

Anthony Norman Godwin   (My father and C/o Founder of The Palm Court Theatre Orchestra)

Steve Adams – (Good Friend).


Photographs of Professional Actors shown on the website are as follows:

Whirlwind Theatre

Rosa Stride     – Mole in ‘Toad of Toad Hall’

Kyle Oram      – ‘Phileas Frog’ & ‘The Selfish Giant’.

IfeAckintunde –‘Aslan’ and ‘Brilliant the Dinosaur’.

Louise Lindfield (formally Hunt) – Friend of Brilliant-‘Brilliant the Dinosaur’

Ian Blower – Actor/ Facilitator

DavieAlan – Minotaur & the taller member of the MacLaries.


Century Theatre, Keswick  (Summer season 97 – A Dolls House, Private Lives & A Good Dr)

Gregory Doran – Director

Kate Raper – Director


Sarah Ball

Joanna Thirsk

Paul Lecoux

John Griffin

Stuart Richmond

Mark Dugmore – Company Stage Manager

Lucy Rix – Deputy Stage Manager

Patricia and Anthony Godwin’s Palm Court Theatre Orchestra.



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All watercolour drawings, unless stated, are by Myette Godwyn.

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