Singer/ Narrator      ‘Putting on the Christmas Ritz’,      Palm Court Theatre Orchestra       Dir. Patricia Godwin        09    

Singer                    ‘Celebrating Monica’                    Cygnet Training Theatre               Dir Alistair Ganley           07

Gardener               ‘The Selfish Giant’                        Whirlwind Theatre for Children       Dir Alistair Ganley           06

Mrs Grinling           ‘Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’            Whirlwind Theatre for Children       Dir Alistair Ganley           05

Baby Bear                ‘Goldie Locks & The Three Bears’     Whirlwind Theatre for Children       Dir Alistair Ganley            00

Narrator:                ‘Miner’s Memories’                       Whirlwind Theatre for Children       Dir./Writer Myette Godwyn 00

Singer / Actress:    PCT productions                         Various shows &Tours                  Dir Anthony Godwin          02 – 90

Louise:                   ‘ Private Lives’                           Century Theatre, Keswick.            Dir. Gregory Doran.           Rep. 97

Helene/Nursemaid:-’A Doll’s House’                          Century Theatre, Keswick.            Dir. Kate Raper.                Rep.97

Relic Seller            ‘ Murder in the Cathedral’              Oundle International Fest.             Dir. Geoffrey Davies.          96

Lorna:                    Pineapple Grill Time’                    Bridge Theatre Co.                       Dir. Gerardine Mcdermottroe. 96

Mrs Tiggywinkle:   ‘Peter Rabbit & Friends’                 AltonTowers, Ice Show.                Dir. Richard Gill.               95 – 94

Mrs Samsa:            ‘Metamorphosis’                         Seventh Seal Theatre Co. Tour                                           93

The Professor:       ‘The Lost Dinosaurs’                     Merlin Theatre Co.                       Dir. Martin Wilson.            93

Perdita:                  ‘The Winters Tale’                      Cygnet, West Country Tour.         Dir. Monica Shallis.           92

Cecily Cardew:      ‘The Importance of being Earnest’  Cygnet, Drum Theatre.                 Dir. Monica Shallis.           92

Phebe:                   ‘As You Like It’                           Cygnet,Edinburgh Fest.               Dir. Monica Shallis.           91


Commercial, Television, Recordings and Radio:


Vocals Live recording          ‘Putting on the Christmas Ritz’                          The palm Court Theatre Orchestra          09                 

Vocal interjections             The Grand Passions of Albert W. Ketelbey’,       The Palm Court Theatre Orchestra         98

Television and Radio

Mrs Tiggywinkle                 ‘Blue Peter’ & CBeebies short film.                     Various showings                               95

Bug & Baby Bear               ‘Playdays’ CBeebies, GMTV with Mr Motivator  and BBC Radio 2 with DLT,.                      95


Mrs Tiggywinkle                     Alton Towers Advert.                                                                                           94


Theatre -In- Education, Workshops and Storytelling.

Artistic Director                     Whirlwind Youth Theatre & Whirlwind Theatre for Children                                             00-11

Storyteller                              Grown Ups and Growing Ups Parent and toddlers group @ Kings House                            10-11

Workshops Leader             Little Actors Theatre Company                                                                                10

Storytelling workshop        St Benedict’s Primary School,        Birmingham                                                           10

Film acting and effects workshops   (3 -16 yrs), Lancaster Children’s Film Festival, The Dukes, Lancaster                 10

Storytelling workshops         Lancashire Schools various,             Whirlwind theatre for Children                            09-10

Workshop Leader                  Change /Hornby High School                Whirlwind Theatre for Children                             06

Workshop Leader                  Lancashire special schools                Step Up Festival.                                                         06

Workshop Leader                 Easter Youth Theatre                       Workshops Whirlwind Theatre for Children              05 – 08

Workshop Leader             Saturday Theatre for 6 –12 yrs          Whirlwind Theatre for Children                            03 – 05

Hamish Bear                    Hamish bear & The Storytelling Magpie,  Whirlwind Theatre for Children                         04

Jill                                           Jack & the Beanstalk’        Bitesize Theatre Schools Tour                 Dir Linda Griffiths     99 -00

Workshop Leader             Arabian Nights’ Youth Production         Century Theatre, Keswick     Dir Kate Raper         97



The Tempest                  Whirlwind Youth Theatre @ The Gregson,Lancaster (in rehearsal)                                     11

The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe       Whirlwind Youth Theatre @ The Storey,Lancaster                                   10

Grandfathers Clock      Devised piece,         Whirlwind Youth Theatre @ the Storey, Lancaster                                            09

Brilliant the Dinosaur   (Professionals & Children) Whirlwind Theatre for Children @ Kings House, Lancaster                      08

Around the Pond in 80 Days (Professionals & Children) Whirlwind Theatre @ Kings House, Lancaster                          07

The Kings New Clothes Whirlwind Theatre for children @ Witherslack School, Cumbria                                              03    

Toad of Toad Hall          Whirlwind Theatre for Children in Ryeland’s Park, Lancaster                                                03

Miner’s Memories          Whirlwind Theatre for Children for Cannock Chase Museum                                                00

Murder Mystery              Palm Court Theatre Productions forCanada Life                                                                97

(Whirlwind Theatre for Children is an inclusive youth theatre with several who have Autistic Spectrum type learning needs.)



Toddler stories various        Lancaster Children’s Film Festival @ The Dukes, Theatre  & Kings House                 10-11

‘The Kings New Clothes        Whirlwind Theatre for children @ Witherslack School, Cumbria                                 03    

‘Goldie Lock & The Three Bears  Whirlwind Theatre for Children, Southern/ SE Tour                                          00

‘Miners Memories’                       Whirlwind Theatre for Children for TheMuseum ofCannock Chase.                   00

‘Hamish Bear and the Storytelling Telling Magpie’        Special SchoolsLancaster                                           04

‘Small scenes in the style of…     Palm Court Theatre Productions Team building event                                      97

‘Murder mysteries’-         Palm Court Theatre Productions for Canada Life                                                      96

‘Today & Forever’-       Palm Court Theatre Productions,    Barbican London foyer entertainment.                       86


Design & Construction

Set, Costumes, Props,  masks & Puppets.

Posters, leaflets and Cards etc.        Whirlwind Theatre productions                                                                  00 -11

Life size puppets, costume & Set    ‘The Tempest’                 Whirlwind Youth Theatre @ The Gregson                   11

Masks, puppets, set & costumes        ‘The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe’   Whirlwind Youth @ The Storey            10- 11

Dinosaur puppet, costumes & set      ‘Brilliant the Dinosaur’    Whirlwind Theatre for Children @ Kings House                 08

Costumes, set & masks      ‘Around the Pond in 80 Days’         Whirlwind Theatre @ Kings House                             07

Set & costumes                  ‘The Selfish Giant’          Whirlwind Theatre for Children              Dir Alistair Ganley        06

Set, costumes & puppets  ‘Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’    Whirlwind Theatre for Children   Dir Alistair Ganley               05

Costumes & Props              ‘The Kings New Clothes’                Whirlwind Theatre @ Witherslack School                        03    

Costumes & set                  ‘Toad of Toad Hall          Whirlwind Theatre for Children in Ryelands Park                      03

Set & costumes         ‘Goldie Locks & The Three Bears’     Whirlwind Theatre for Children     Dir Alistair Ganley             00

Basic costumes & set         ‘Miner’s Memories’         Whirlwind Theatre for Children     Dir Myette Godwyn                00

Prop cows and chicken     ‘Into the Woods’   Curzon Productions @ the Brewhouse Dir Sebastian Petit                      98

Corporate installations including

Venetian masks, table décor,

costumes & settings.          Various big corporate events    PCT productions               Dir Anthony Godwin          87 – 97


Set dressings & wardrobe  ‘Private Lives’                 Century Theatre, Keswick.          Dir. Gregory Doran.           Rep. 97

Props, seagull & plaster boot       ‘The Good Dr’      Century Theatre, Keswick.          Dir. Eric Standage.            Rep. 97

Ballet Costumes    ‘At the Seas Edge’  Fund raiser for AIDS in memory to Denholm Elliott with John Hurt. -

Carmeltree Productions/ Royal Ballet                   Dir/ Chor. Jane Elliott                                               96

Costumes,                 ‘Murder in the Cathedral’          Oundle International Fest.           Dir. Geoffrey Davies.          96

Bear mask,                        ‘The Winters Tale’           Cygnet, West Country Tour.        Dir. Monica Shallis.           92

Rotting dead birds & Masks    ‘Miss Julie’               Cygnet,                                     Dir. Alistair Ganley.               91

Set design                          ‘Alice in Wonderland’     Cygnet                                       Dir Alistair Ganley             90

Mask & costumes         ‘What is Henry?’            PAROMYME                          Dir Myette Godwyn                      88-89