My Family

The MacLaries

My husband, Mike Whalley (right) in his comic folk band, The MacLaries

Performing Through Five Generations

Palm Court Theatre Orchestra

Age 14, with The Palm Court Theatre Orchestra at Bealieu


Errin Godwyn Whalley, my daughter as Clara in The Nutcracker


My son, Aedan as Little Wolf.

The Godwyn Sisters

The Godwyn Sisters, Myette and Saskia, singing for The Palm Court Theatre Orchestra

My Parents

My mother and father posing for a 1940's publicity shot for The Palm Court Theatre Orchestra

Norman Godwin

My Grandad. Conducted his own light orchestra and collected a huge library of 19th and 20th Century music that is still being used by the family today.

Kathleen Godwin

My Granny, who played for silent films and led many small orchestras.

The Godwyn's

My Great Granny, Madame Godwyn, and great aunts, touring the music halls with their 'delightful musical scena'.