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I hope you enjoyed my Website, not all is finished yet but it should be completed in January.  Although there are many different aspects of theatre shown here, I feel that they are all connected and are all equally important in producing amazing performances.

My research is a passion of mine because I have seen the benefits of theatre in children, especially those with specific learning needs. Many children fall through the net for help and funding, through conventional means, because they don’t quite fit traditional diagnostic methods. There are noticeable improvements in focus, memory, text understanding, vocal confidence, empathy, and team engagement for those children who are part of the youth theatre.

I will be keeping you updated, through my blog, with my latest research, production developments and tours. I look forward to meeting you all when I tour my one woman show in 2012.  I also should mention the youth production of The Tempest in April 2012 at the Gregson’s – Not to be missed.  You can get in touch though Facebook or e-mail me on